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  • What KIT is required to participate in?

    WER 2020-2021 requires the following:

      - Elementary Level: Abilix Krypton 3 + Robotics U or Abilix Krypton 4

      - Middle School Level: Abilix Krypton 5 or Abilix Krypton 6

      - High School Level: Abilix Krypton 8  

  • Is it necessary to have some knowledge about robotics and programming?

    No, it is not necessary, the registration to the tournament includes access to a web platform so that the team has the opportunity to practice and learn before the tournaments. ​

  • Is any special computer equipment required?

    The coding and programming of the PLC (programmable logic unit) are done wirelessly from any iOS tablet, Android, or any Android cell phone with the only requirement of having at least 2GB of RAM.

  • How long does take the training?

    We provide a 20-hour training program plus assembly and programming projects. The training is available in English and Spanish. Participants can start training up to 2 weeks before a tournament and still get excellent results in the tournament. 

  • How is the training provided for students and teachers? Training is done through a web platform containing collaborative self-managed projects. From the moment you enroll on WER, access is given to this platform where you will find a complete training program for the WER 2020-2021 competition tests. The teacher/mentor will have their own account with a team's management section with all the resources to guide and visualize their team's journey through the competition. 

  • Is it necessary to have a teacher or mentor in order to participate?  No. The training program is designed to be self-managed and self-paced by students and still have great results at the tournament. Teachers can be facilitators and motivators and do not need to be experts in the subject. Teachers and mentors are not allowed in the arenas at the time of the tournaments. Our competition is 100% student-centered. It is highly recommended that elementary school students have some supervision in order to succeed. 

  • Can competition robotics kits be used for academic purposes or are they only used for competition?

    Kryptons 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 are kits that are highly recommended for academic purposes, and by continuing to work with them you will have an advantage in participating in the next tournament. Novum Education offers robotics curriculum content aligned with those robotics kits. When purchasing your school package you are provided with access to curriculum content that can be used by more students of the school, not just the participants in the competition.  

  • How long does it take the kits to arrive?

    It depends on the shipping method you choose at checkout (ground, two days, or next day). Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. After your product is shipped you will receive an email with the tracking information. It takes 1-2 business days to ship the product. 

  • Is technical support available for technical problems and questions that may arise both for competitors and teachers/mentors?

    Technical support is provided via chat, email, videoconference, and phone. Email: Chat through website. 

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