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The theme of the contest this year is “Internet of Everything”. With the development of science and technology, the 5G era has arrived. 5G’s ultra-strong bandwidth and extremely low latency have a strong impact and wide application scenarios. Scenes in sci-fi movies, like long-range control, autonomous driving, smart home, smart city, will gradually become reality.
The wide application of 5G has put people’s imagination into realization, making people’s life and work more efficient and convenient. In the future, a wide range of products will have microprocessors and will be connected through a 5G network. At that time, household appliances such as televisions and air conditioners may switch on or off easily by voice or even brain waves. Home appliances are also likely to become “smarter”. They can understand each family users’ personalities, hobbies, and operating habits and can be automatically matched through intelligent recognition, more human-oriented, and intelligent.
Of course, the development of science and technology will not always be smooth sailing. In the era of the “Internet of Everything”, we also have to face various issues such as personal privacy and information security. How to solve these problems correctly and efficiently requires us to brainstorm and work together. In this contest, contestants should play the role of engineers, use new structures and new technologies through brainstorm to create their own robots to complete various tasks, and also actively consider the possible drawbacks of the future information age, and how to prevent them.
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The most formative Tournament adapts to our current environment. 
Our top priority is to take care of the health and integrity of our communities.
At WER USA we acknowledge that we facing a difficult situation across the world and are fully committed to our mission. We want to help contribute to the integral development of all students and seek to the main platform that showcases their talent.
This is why we designed a hybrid tournament that meets health guideless to protect all participants and at the same time provides a forum that enables participants to showcase their differential skillset and be part of a  unique educational experience.

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