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WER (World Educational Robot Contest) is a unique worldwide educational robotics tournament that promotes intellectual development, competitiveness, and current vision of globalization in elementary, middle, and high school students. The challenges, goals, and dynamics of the WER competition drive the cognitive and social-emotional development of participating students.  

WER is an inclusive tournament that involves schools, academies, clubs, and teams from diverse backgrounds in both the private and public sectors regardless of the size of the institution or its socioeconomic level. 

Annually, more than 600,000 contestants from 30 countries and regions participate in WER contests. 

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WHY participate in


WER USA is an inclusive student-centered educational robotics tournament that suits both the most experienced students and someone with no experience. It is always challenging and leads participants to reach their maximum potential. Thanks to our web-based learning model and the dynamics of competitions, the WER USA contest develops in students:

Self-Managed Learning 
In WER, students practice and develop:
- Active Learning                
- Self-directed Learning       
Students' learning experiences stimulate cognitive and socio-emotional development and encourage students to become self-sufficient.  
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- Interactive Learning
- Experiential Learning
Multiple Intelligences  
In WER USA contests, students develop 6 of the 9 Gardner's multiple intelligence's:
Multiple Intelligences and key team roles  
The Multiple Intelligences Test available on our web platform evaluates the students' profiles according to the 3 team's roles required: Leader, Programmer, and Designer-Builder
True STEM Learning  
Participants learn by doing. They study the part and the whole, with interconnected topics from different disciplinary perspectives. WER Contest USA stimulates in students a disruptive, divergent, and creative thinking
Transversal competencies developed in WER
Complex problem solving | Creativity
| Self-management | Judgement and decision- making | Critical and innovative thinking | Teamwork | Risk assessment | Global citizenship Service orientation|Social + Emotional intelligence |Cognitive flexibility | Negotiation
WER USA Values
Collaboration | Respect the rules | Competitive spirit | Holistic vision | Determination for success | Critical thinking | Perseverance | Give the maximum effort

HOW to participate in


The most formative Tournament adapts to our current environment. At WER USA we acknowledge that we are facing a difficult situation across the world and are fully committed to our mission. We designed a hybrid tournament that meets health guidelines to protect all participants and at the same time provide a forum that enables participants to showcase their differential skillset and be part of a unique educational experience. Pre-Registration ends May 15th, 2021.   

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WHAT makes

WER USA different?

WER is more than just an event. It is a real educational solution => Easy and smooth implementation for school, teachers, and/or parents:

  • Student-centered contest

  • Promotes entry-level & advanced robotics

  • Turnkey packages (including a private PREP (training) tournament for your own school system/district) 

  • Provide self-managed, self-paced, and personalized training in English and Spanish through MakerSteam (+20 hrs)

  • MakerSTEAM ( generates hybrid learning environments where students interact with physical and virtual elements and collaboratively build their own learning 

  • Multiple Intelligence Module to identify student's strengths and assign roles

Best value proposition: 

  • All-inclusive registration fee (one-time fee for all WER route! It's up to you how far your journey goes! WER USA offers sponsorship for students and teacher/mentor to International event)

  • Best value proposition: Robotics kits can be reused in future WER TOURNAMENTS

  • Robotics kits can be used by the rest of the school in combination with the most robust robotics curriculum program in the market (included) 

BE PART OF 2020-2021
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